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About Me (I'm Likeable)

So let's break the ice first...

I’m Brittani with an “I” not a “Y”, born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I’m a multimedia journalist graduating from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Spring 2019. You might know me from writing for Media Milwaukee or the UWM Post covering several stories circulating chatter on and off campus. I have stepped into the realm of news anchoring with the help of WTMJ-TV throughout the majority of my years at UWM.  

So why make a website?

I created a A Sit With Britt because I have always loved how personal and intimate an interview can get through simple conversation. Stories I've written like my award-wining video on an ongoing story, The Mayor, Destruction and Displaced People, really shines light on my journalistic vision. I want to give a voice to the people that feel like they have no voice at all and tell the stories that often go unheard of or often get ignored. Plus, it’s inspiring to hear others story. But, I also enjoy even more, sharing other’s stories so others can learn, be inspired and connect. 

Let's get a tad bit personal...

For everyone that doesn't know me, talking is my specialty. If I could receive a grade for being such a social butterfly it would be an A+.

I am a huge people person. Meeting new people and going to try new restaurants is my thing. I am a big lover for music and you can usually spot me at a local music showcase or concert. I consider myself the best dancer on the floor at all times and I actually wanted to be a choreographer when I was younger.

In my spare time I am usually caught with a plate of food in my hand, blasting music unnecessarily loud in my ears or having my mind taken over by reality TV shows that definitely aren't real.

So enough of the cute stuff, take a look at my work.